Everything Done-For-You...!


O.K. - Let's start with what you will receive with the complete, Done-4-You, Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit.


First off, you should know this Kit is way MORE than a Powerpoint or Keynote slide deck.  


We provide you with the digital and physical TOOLS you need in order to:







Listen... a successful seminar, webinar, workshop or presentation is not a: "...build it and they will come" proposition.

True success requires upfront planning as well as smart promotions.


That's why I provide you with the actual "TOOLS" to ensure your success. 

👉  Coaching Tutorials

👉  Guidelines 

👉  Checklists


  Plus... you'll  also receive more than $20,000 worth of DONE-4-YOU hard materials branded with YOUR LOGO.  


Unlike most coaching programs that leave it up to you to produce the materials and figure out the technology, this Seminar Kit eliminates ALL of that:


🚫  No guessing what to do

🚫  No re-inventing the wheel

🚫  No surprises


With the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit, you just need to EXECUTE!


Below are "box-by-box" listings of all the pre-built components you'll receive -- along with development costs (value). 


PLUS... I'll also explain the proven 4-Step Success Formula already deployed by 100's of health and fitness professionals (using this exact same kit) to guarantee your success!



Professionally Designed Slide Deck Presentation


"Finally... the TRUTH About Weight-Management"

Animated Powerpoint Slide Deck Presentation


SLIDE DECK: This professionally produced slide-deck presentation has proven to be 100% successful as a motivational tool to influence your audience to TAKE ACTION - IMMEDIATELY! 


The goal behind this presentation is to produce "conversions."  That is, to convert your audience into enthusiastic purchasers of your weight-management and/or lifestyle program and/or overall health coaching services.

Whether you project on a screen, a wall or stream it "online" to a global audience, this professionally designed 25-slide presentation with animations will absolutely dazzle your audience... with the TRUTH about Weight-Management and Healthy Lifestyle protocol. 


Once you fill out our EZ request form, our project team will send to you the full presentation branded with YOUR LOGO.


You'll be able to use this professionally designed presentation over and over again at various venues for different audiences.  Plus, you'll reach a global audience if you choose to multi-task this presentation as an online webinar. 

(Content, Layout, Design, Animation: $3,500)


Pre-Written Script & Demo Presentation

A proven dialog for every single slide.


PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN PRESENTATION SCRIPT:  Beyond the Powerpoint slide-deck, you'll also receive the entire pre-written script (download in MS Word) so you'll know exactly what to say, slide-by-slide, word-by-word. 


And, since it's in MS Word, you'll be able to edit the script to your own liking to fit your own presentation style. 

(Script Conversion: $600)

DEMONSTRATION PRESENTATION:  Here's another super valuable TOOL.  We retained a professional voice-over talent read the pre-written script just so you'll know exactly what's being said over each slide.   


This demonstrates the exact alignment of the pre-written script to each slide.   


So, even if you have no public speaking experience, you'll sound like a total professional!  Just follow the script!


PLUS... you can re-purpose this same 14-minute video on your website as a "refresher course" for your clients and members.

(Voice-over talent, Video edit and Production $2,000)


Promotional Video Branded with YOUR LOGO

You Can View it Right Now..!

Delivered video size 1280 x 720 in .mp4 video format

A Super Professional Start!

Yes!  You'll be ready to go right away with this professionally produced promotional video - branded with YOUR LOGO.  It's all part of this amazing Seminar Kit. 


All marketers know the power of video and how it sells, converts and positions YOUR BUSINESS for leadership and authority.


That's why you get a $2,000 pre-produced, professional video to promote your seminar on your website, blog, social media, YouTube and wherever you want.

(video edit and production $2,000)


We're Just Getting Started..!

These first 3 components, themselves, demonstrate the difference between a "coaching" program and a DONE-4-You package that includes the actual TOOLS and MATERIALS all branded with YOUR LOGO. 


Beyond the coaching, your branded components can all be re-purposed and used over and over again... forever!

Email Promotional Sequence

Pre-written by professional copywriters!


SEQUENTIAL EMAIL:  With your package, you'll receive six (6), proven and effective emails specifically written to promote your event  --  as well as convince prospective attendees to "sign-up" right now at your website.


Each email template is formatted in MS Word so no matter what system you're using, you'll be able to download and edit to your specific requirements.


And, when you follow the "Countdown Campaign Calendar" you'll know the exact best days to send each email for maximum effectiveness.

Here's a list of the Emails specifically written to promote your upcoming seminar and/or webinar:

✅  45-Minutes Can Change Your Life!

✅  May I Follow-Up with You?

✅  Can You Answer This Question?

✅  Why Does This Continue to Happen?

✅  Beware of Faded Celebrities and Athletes

✅  The Countdown Has Begun


(Pre-written email $1,800.)


Direct Mail

It's more effective than you might think!


PRE-WRITTEN DIRECT MAIL:  You'll receive five (5) pre-written letters written for different audiences.  One is written for "active members."  Another is written for prospects or non-members. 


There are two (2) letters specifically addressed to corporate executives. And, finally a letter that can be sent to all media contacts.

  • Active Clients

    A courtesy note about the upcoming event to existing clients. 

  • Prospects/Referrals

    Perfect way to approach inactive clients, prospects and referrals.

  • Corporate Invitation

    To the human resource director as well as all management and employees.

Each direct mail template is formatted in MS Word so no matter what system you're using, you'll be able to download and edit to your specific requirements.


BONUS:  I realized over the years we had collected numerous effective direct mail letters in our vault.  So, we picked the best-of-the-best and added them as a bonus. 


Yup, we added another 5 bonus direct mail letters to this package for a total of ten (10) proven direct mail templates.


Think about the time savings!  The hard part has been done for you.  Just download, edit, stamp and send!     It doesn't get any easier!

(Pre-written direct mail $2,000.)


Media Releases

Get your message out to the public!


PRE-WRITTEN PRESS RELEASES:  With the package you'll receive three (3) pre-written press releases that you can send out to local:

✅  Newspapers

✅  Radio Stations

✅  TV Stations

✅  Bloggers 


There's a specific way to format a press release to help ensure your chances of "media pick-up" resulting in mass exposure of your event and story.


So, we took the time to format each release in what's known as AP Style formatting.  It delivers the information the way the media wants to see it (who, why, what, where, when, etc.) as well as easy to find contact information.


Each press release is formatted in MS Word so no matter what system you're using, you'll be able to download and edit to your specific requirements.

(Pre-written press releases $1,800.)


Social Media Countdown Campaign

Professionally designed banners to countdown your big event!


FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE: Yes.... social medias platforms are important vehicles in announcing and promoting your presentation. Most especially if your presentation is online. 


Our graphic design team has created a done-for-you, cohesively branded social media campaign.  It's called the 21-Day Countdown Campaign


Once you're inside the "Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit" we teach you how to deploy this day-by-day sequence on all of the social media platforms, organically, at no cost to you! -  And, remember, you'll be able to do this over and over again!


To that end, we've pre-designed twenty-two (22) pre-sized images that will fit perfectly on all of your social media accounts.  Each image displays a unique message along with a daily countdown to your big event. 


You're even provided with a tutorial that demonstrates step-by-step how to load these images on to your FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts --  and how to link the images back to your website's seminar sales page. 


Just think of the incredible amount of time, effort and money that you're saving with just this part of the package. It's the real difference between a "coaching" program and a complete "Done-4-You" Package.


(Pre-designed social media images with instructions $3,000.)



Brochure with YOUR LOGO

Professionally designed brochures and posters

TRI-FOLD BROCHURES BRANDED WITH YOUR LOGO: One of the great things about the printed materials we send to you is that you can download them and use over and over again. 


And, this "explainer" brochure with YOUR LOGO is no exception.  It can be re-purposed for all kinds of communications. 


Your "LIVE" presentation will result in at least 50% enrollment into your programming!

For example, you can:

✅   Hand them out from the front desk 

✅   Include them in your direct mail campaign

✅   Enclose them with your media releases

✅   Upload them to your website and blog 


Once you are on the inside, you simply complete the EZ request form and our project team jumps into action creating your custom tri-fold brochure.  And, we make sure we've created it in such a way that if you decide to take it to a local commercial printer, it's all set-up and ready to go!   


Talk about multi-tasking a single element for maximum effectiveness!


(Pre-designed with instructions $1,000.)


Movie Size & Letter Size Promo Posters

You'll be the "Coming Attraction" with these Promotional Posters!


MINI-POSTERS BRANDED WITH YOUR LOGO! The first mini-poster is for the EVENT, itself.   We left enough for you to fill-in the date and time.


12 Mini-Posters with YOUR LOGO

Pique additional interest with these branded mini-posters!


This second set of twelve (12) mini-posters are all created as fun little quizzes designed to pique the interest of the reader and lead them to YOU or your EVENT for the answers.


It's not by accident that the topics follow the same 12-Week Curriculum that thousands of health and fitness professionals are currently using to educate their clients, members and patients.


Once you are part of the "membership platform" you simply complete the EZ request form and our project team springs into action creating your custom branded mini-posters with YOUR LOGO.


Here again is a demonstration of the difference between "coaching" programs and complete "DONE-4-YOU" packages.  Here are thirteen (13) physical items branded with YOUR LOGO that you can re-purpose and use over and over again.  FOREVER!

(Pre-designed with licensed images, copywriting and design $2,400.)


Online Instruction and Coaching


Even more value...

Thank you for reading this far down the page.  This tells me you might be interested in learning more about what this incredible kit has to offer.


And, that's great because I've saved the best for last!


Listen... just giving you a bunch of "tools" without knowing how to use them would be like giving you a car without teaching you how to drive!

Leverage to Maximum Potential...

The Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit components, by themselves, are an incredible value.  But, over the years, I've found that most health and fitness professionals seek help in leveraging this package to its most powerful potential.


So, for this exclusive DONE-4-YOU package, I developed a comprehensive online coaching program called the:


This is where you'll gain my 30+ years of consulting and "real world" experience as well as a series of checklists, guidelines and task planning schedules.  


To help explain the 4 Step Success Formula, I produced a whole set of detailed video tutorials titled, "21-Day Seminar Blueprint." 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Video Tutorials:  How to Plan, Promote, Present and Convert a Live Event into Volume Sales!


Step-By-Step Tutorials: The Seminar Kit includes a complete set of video tutorials called "The 21-Day Seminar Blueprint."   But it's not just videos. 


The 21-Day Seminar Blueprint also includes numerous downloads of scheduling calendars, checklists, guidelines and tips to guide you through all four steps of how to Plan, Promote, Present and Convert.


I just can't wait for you to experience the power of your presentation and how it will catapult your business to a whole new level.


21-Day Seminar Blueprint


21-Day Seminar Blueprint


21-Day Seminar Blueprint


21-Day Seminar Blueprint

(content value package $10,000)


This is Really Important

Listen... this is really important. 


I can assure you the #1 way to attract a flood of new prospects and convert them into excited new clients in the shortest amount of time is to get out there and deliver this proven presentation.


A Final Word...

The Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit is quite unique.  In fact, there's absolutely nothing like it available... anywhere!


Considering how lucrative the weight-management market is, it's astonishing we are the only company with a complete package and plan to leverage its maximum potential

The Value Proposition

I won't bore you with the psychology behind "value propositions" except to provide some perspective within our own industry.


Most club, studio and independent coaches/trainers think nothing of spending over $2,000 - $4,000 for a single piece of commercial equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, etc.   


After all that's the "cost of doing business."   Right?  


However, those purchases do nothing to bring in new business.  And, they're certainly NOT mobile.  Nonetheless, they are required investments for your business.


But, when it comes to non-tangible "Sales & Marketing" programs,  health professionals often balk at spending on such things.  Despite the fact that this, too, is a required investment for your business. 


After all, revenue is the "life blood" of all businesses! 


So, considering the return-on-investment (ROI) the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit is an incredible value when put in perspective to your other costs and priorities.


Finally, unlike equipment, this one-time investment requires no maintenance.  In fact, the more you use it, the better it gets!


Complete Package Pricing


Upon purchase, you'll gain FULL ACCESS to the "MEMBERS ONLY" area where all additional materials and downloads are located for your use.  There are NO recurring membership fees. NO monthly charges.  This is a one-time only investment.

✅  Professional Animated Slide Deck

✅  Pre-Written Script

✅  Complete "Read Through" Video 

✅  Promotional Video

✅  Six (6) Pre-written Email Sequence

✅  Ten (10) Direct Mail Templates


✅  3 Pre-Written Media Releases

✅  Social Media "Countdown Campaign"

✅  Tri-Fold Brochure

✅  Promotional Posters - 2 sizes

✅  6 Pre-written Email Sequence

✅  12 Mini-Quiz Posters


🎯 PLUS... Online Video Tutorial and Coaching Program "21-Day Seminar Blueprint"

Value Summary

  • Professional Powerpoint / Keynote Slide Deck

    Content, Layout, Design, Animation: $3,500

  • Pre-Written Script

    Professionally written slide-by-slide script: $600

  • Complete "Read Through" Video Presentation

    Voice-over talent, Video edit and Production $2,000

  • Promotional Video

    Voice-over talent, Video editing and Production $2,000

  • Six (6) Pre-written Email Sequence

    Six (6) pre-written and proven emails  $1,800

  • Ten (10) Direct Mail Templates

    Ten (10) pre-written and proven direct mail templates  $2,000

  • Three (3) Pre-Written Media Releases

    Three media releases written and formatted in AP Style  $1,800

  • 21 Social Media Banners "Countdown Campaign"

    Pre-sized social media countdown banners  $3,000

  • Tri-Fold Brochure

    Pre-designed, pre-written brochure with your logo  $1,000

  • Promotional Posters - 2 sizes

    Movie size and letter size posters with your logo  $1,800

  • 12 Mini-Quiz Posters

    Mini-posters to pique interest in your presentation  $2,400

Total Value: $21,900

When you add it all up, if you were to produce all the elements of the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit, you'd spend more than $20,000!


Coming Soon!

Your Investment



Special Partial Package including the Slide Deck, Video and Script is:


Special Slide Deck Bundle

Branded with YOUR LOGO!


This bundle includes:

✅  Slide Deck: (25 slides) with "user-triggered" animations - branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Video Presentation: with professional voice over- branded with YOUR LOGO

✅  Script: Proven slide-by-slide text in MS Word so you can edit to your style.

* Slide Deck available in Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides