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Art Rothafel - Founder / Owner

"From pre-event promotions to presentation to post-event follow-ups, THIS is the most comprehensive "Volume Sales" program in the industry for career health professionals."

What Every Health Professional Should Know...


From Zig Ziglar to Tony Robbins... every, and I mean EVERY successful entrepreneur has learned to stand-up and present his or her passion. 


And, made millions doing it!


Since you are in the health and fitness business, I know that you already have the passion. 


So, the real question is... "why aren't you presenting?"


If you're like most health & fitness professionals... it's hard to find the time.  You don't have the resources.  You don't know where to begin. 


Let's Be Honest...

Most people (and maybe you) would rather die than public speak!   And, while we've not totally eliminated a little nervousness (even the best experience it) we've made public speaking and presentations easier than ever. 


If you just follow the directions, you'll be confident, polished and able to present your message like an experienced pro.  We've made it THAT EASY! 


This complete, done-4-you Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit changes EVERYTHING!  And, that's really IMPORTANT if you truly want to scale your business through volume sales.   Here's WHY... 


Let me explain why the topic of Weight-Management & Lifestyle is so important to the success and future growth of your health and fitness business.  


I'll also be brazen enough to tell you exactly why the trade publications, consultants, fitness marketing gurus and others don't offer any information on this incredible marketing opportunity.


First, let's start with this "real world" FACT....


What People Really Want...


For more than 30 years an annual research study conducted by American Sports Data, reveals the same finding year after year:


"The #1 reason consumers join a club or hire a trainer is to lose weight."

BAM!  There it is.  Oh sure... consumers say it in all kinds of different ways, but, when you peel back the onion, the bottom line is they want to change their bodies -- and that typically means "smaller..!"

So, just consider this incredible "problem-solution" scenario and your opportunity.   As a career health & fitness professional this topic -- Weight-Management & Lifestyle -- is right in your "wheelhouse." 

It's a lifestyle you eat, breath and live every day!  In fact, by most peoples' standards, YOU are THE EXPERT!

What People Get...

But, interfering with this perfect alignment between "market demand" and "your knowledge" is the undeniable marketing power of the big commercial weight-loss companies like Weight-Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and others.


And, most recently, the unrelenting hype for GLP-1 injectables such as Ozempic, Mounjaro and a host of others - all of which come with potential dangerous side effects.


With multi-million dollar ad campaigns is it any wonder they dominate the industry despite their questionable protocol?


Add to that, the misinformation and hype being driven into the public consciousness through social media gurus on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.  


Plus, all the bogus companies pitching ridiculous products, pills and services.  It's a consumer nightmare!


However, as luck would have it.... all of this misinformation and confusion in the market place actually works to your ADVANTAGE! 


It is the EXACT REASON you have this enormous opportunity.    


Your Growing Audience


Today, right now, there is a growing segment of the population wary of faded celebrities and retired athletes pitching weight loss programs that don't work.


This segment of the population is older (30+), educated and affluent. 

They've already yo-yo dieted dozens of times.  They've "been there" and "done that!"


Both men and women within this segment are ready and would welcome an honest, ADULT CONVERSATION about their weight, their immune system, their lifestyle and overall health. 


They seek the TRUTH!


Why YOU Are the "GO-TO" Professional

Let's draw some contrasts.

  • THEM:  On the one hand are the big commercial weight-loss programs with faulty protocol (restricted calorie diets), faulty metrics (pounds-on-the-scale) and a super-high failure rate.   

  • YOU:  Protocol based on sound physiology.  Real world metrics (body-composition) and successes resulting in long-term, permanent weight and overall health management.

The David vs. Goliath Scenario...


Would you like to know a dirty little secret about the big corporate commercial weight-loss programs? 


They are afraid to go out in public and make a "live presentation" like this.  (Have you ever seen one?  No!)  They are afraid of open dialog.  

They are afraid because they know people like you and I would challenge their faulty protocol and misleading metrics. 


So, they stick with one-way communications via TV commercials, radio ads, magazines, etc. trotting out their celebrities and retired athletes - as if they are gospel!!! 


Even their website forums are monitored to delete any negative comments!

Your Amazing Advantage Over the Competition!

This is exactly WHY you should public speak and deliver this presentation as often as possible.  With this seminar kit, you possess all the credible information people seek to lose weight (body-fat) and improve their health.

Can You See It..?

When contrasted against all the failed programs, it's obvious to see that YOU are the most qualified health professional to provide people with the information they seek.  Yes... even more qualified than their doctor!


Just think about that...


YOU have the opportunity to turn-around someone's life -- by doing what you already know how to do! You just need to deliver your message with a bigger megaphone!

Are You Ready to Stand Out..?


Here's another interesting fact:


Most clubs, studios and probably your competitors, never offer weight-management seminars or presentations, either.


It is ironic that while the research clearly points to what the public wants --  most fit pros, coaches and other health professionals never leverage the opportunity.


It's an epic fail!

I Really Shouldn't Tell You This...

Yes, I'm going out on a limb, here.  But, when it's the truth... well, it's the truth. 


There are two (2) reasons why the trade publications, fitness marketing experts and health club consultants all miss this opportunity -- and, as a result, never teach it and hardly ever mention the incredible financial opportunities associated with Weight-Management & Lifestyle Programming.

Reason #1: Fitness Trade Publications


Pick-up any fitness trade magazine and thumb through the pages.  See all the major full-page advertisers? Who are they?  


If you answered equipment manufacturers and software developers -- bingo!  You're right.  


Equipment manufacturers are the money that supports every single trade publication in the industry.  

So... is it any wonder that the editorial in these publications tends to support the advertisers in one way or another?  It's not a conspiracy or anything like that.  It's just the way it is.


But, this is exactly why there's almost NO EDITORIAL or HOW-TO articles about credible weight-management and the incredible financial opportunities associated with it.  


Credible weight-management is primarily a "skills-based" service.  It doesn't require equipment.  It requires people. 


And, what's so ironic is that those people are either YOU or the certified fitness professionals who already work in your facility!

Reason #2: - Fitness Marketing Experts & Gurus


The top fitness marketing experts typically "cut their teeth" in the fitness industry as membership sales professionals. 


Just to prove my point, ask any fitness marketing expert or consultant if he or she ever earned an MBA or any kind of college degree in marketing.   


Trust me.  They didn't.

But, this is true of most sales-driven businesses.  These are men and women who worked on the "front lines" in the "trenches" and became experts at closing the deals on all kinds of various fitness memberships and value-added packages. 


It's only natural that the entrepreneurial ones become health club and fitness studio consultants.  They absolutely know how to help a club sell memberships.


But, the reality is, they've NEVER owned, operated, managed or marketed a weight-management business. 


And that's why they purposely don't teach fitness owners how to set-up one of the most lucrative opportunities in the fitness business. 


The Truth is... They Don't Know HOW...!

Clarity and Vision = Success!

Listen, I'm not saying the trade pubs or marketing consultants are bad.  I'm simply pointing out the "reality" in our industry.


But, I also want to add clarity to this missed opportunity.   I really want to you to "see it" for what it really is. 


There is an incredible amount of "consumer demand" for long-term credible weight-management and healthy lifestyle programming -- and so little "industry supply."  It is just waiting for YOU!


The OPPORTUNITY is waiting for YOU!

Here's the GUARANTEE!


The general public needs YOU to confirm what they "kind of" and "sort of" know already!

After 32 years.... here's what I know to be absolutely TRUE:


👉  If you present this unique Powerpoint Presentation... and you deliver the information with enthusiasm and confidence... then, whether you have 4 or 400 people in your audience, you will sign-up at least 50% of the audience IMMEDIATELY.


👉  Just like they do when they listen to "big-time" motivational speakers --  your audience will "feed" off your knowledge and enthusiasm and be MOTIVATED to get started.


👉  They will be further influenced by the fact that you told them the TRUTH. People innately know, deep inside, that there really isn't a magic pill or short cut.




Listen, if you don't sign-up at least 50% of your audience (into any kind of coaching program)... then, there is something wrong with your presentation.  How do I know this..?


Because, since 1995 thousands of health and fitness professionals -- just like YOU --  have presented this EXACT SAME INFORMATION to audiences all over the world.



And, we know that if you simply follow the 21-Day Seminar Blueprint (video tutorials) you will enroll at least 50% of your audience.  This Done-4-You Seminar Kit is literally your road map to SUCCESS!

Unlimited Speaking Opportunities!


And, here's another amazing fact that all the fitness marketing experts totally miss:  Unlike any other piece of equipment, product or service... your done-for-you Weight-Management Presentation is MOBILE. 


It allows you to literally take your business on the road to "showcase" who you are and what you do!

Just Like the Top Motivational Speakers...

Yes, just exactly like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Grant Cardone  -- and all of the top motivational speakers in the world.   YOU... have the exact same opportunity to DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE and INSPIRE people toward a healthy, positive lifestyle!


And, far beyond your own facility, there are dozens of venues full of potential new clients and members.

YOU are the Authority

Once again, I urge you to THINK about this natural alignment:  YOUR KNOWLEDGE on this TOPIC --- and how many millions of people seek (but can not find) this truthful, credible information -- every single day!


And, not just weight management.  Your knowledge combined with this seminar kit also covers everything from how to build a stronger immune system (Covid 19) to lowering blood pressure!  It's what YOU do!

Your Topic is a Marketing Gift..!


Did you know that "Weight-Loss" is the #2 most popular topic in the world? 


Right after "wealth building" your topic is in super high demand... especially now as it ties-in with Covid-19 and immune system support.


Again, I urge you to stop and really THINK about how relevant your knowledge is...


This topic: Weight-Management is insanely popular throughout the world... and YOU are one of the true, credible experts!

Other service-based businesses DON'T have the same level of interest as your topic:

❌  Lawyers...

❌  Accountants...

❌  Bankers...

❌  Dentists...

❌  Auto Mechanics...

❌  Hair Stylists...

❌  Dog Groomers...

With the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit you'll be filling seats at:

✅  Corporate "lunch & learn" seminars  

✅  Business group breakfast meetings

✅  Workplace health fair exhibitions

✅  Academic and corporate wellness events

✅  Recreation centers

✅  Community centers

✅  Houses of worship

Real World Proof & Results...


Meet Steve Nunno.  On December 7, 2016, he used this exact same Weight Management and Lifestyle Seminar Kit to generate $58,000 dollars in training packages and products in just ONE NIGHT! 

To read Steve's story:  CLICK HERE...   


Steve owns a successful fitness business in Oneida, NY,  (population 11,390) -- and is a top example of how this presentation along with a "take action" attitude can reap tremendous rewards. 


He read up on the 4-STEP SUCCESS FORMULA, absorbed the 21-Day Seminar Blueprint tutorials and instructions -- and then, added his own creativity to the mix.

Results?  His very first 3 presentations (all in one night) generated $58,000 in fitness program sales. Then, 8 days later at his second presentation, his presentation generated another $13,700. That's a total of $71,700 in less than 10 days.

More Success...

Jennifer Simpson is another success story.  She used this presentation to boost the sales of her ONBOARD 101 Course in front of a convention group in Las Vegas. 


In just 2 hours, she cleared $15,543 of passive net profits.


To read Jenny's story:  CLICK HERE...


Since we first introduce the Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit in 2006, thousands of health and fitness professionals have presented this exact same PRESENTATION.


And, for many, it continues to generate thousands of dollars -- sometimes in just one night!


Please believe me when I tell you this:  There is NOTHING ELSE in your business that is of this much INTEREST to the general public -- and is this mobile.  Very few businesses have such a popular topic with this much mobility.


Public interest and presentation mobility.... This is a POWERFUL COMBINATION!

The BIG Question....


How many different ways will YOU take advantage of this HUGE OPPORTUNITY?


Here are just a few of the venues where you'll find a welcome audience:

✅  Local companies, businesses

✅  Schools, PTA, high school sports teams

✅  Churches and other houses of worship

✅  Community and business organizations and clubs

✅  Apartment and condo complexes with recreation rooms

✅  Gated communities

✅  Chambers of commerce

✅  Police and Fire Depts.

✅  Municipal Departments ie: water, gas, electric, public works, transit, etc.

✅  Hospitals and medical facilities


There are many more venues that would welcome your presentation.


In fact, anywhere that people gather is a venue for YOU and your presentation.

WAIT... It Gets Even Better..!

Webinars and Live Stream Sessions


Oh YES!  If you're thinking about taking your health and fitness business "online"  -- then, this huge opportunity just doubled!  Maybe 3X!


That's right.  This is the perfect WEBINAR CONTENT and PRESENTATION


And,  when you use this Webinar as a "lead-in" to Onboard 101, then you, literally have a complete online, automated SYSTEM!

Seminars & Webinars Drive Business...

In more ways than you might think..!

Regardless of how you decide to use your Weight-Management & Lifestyle Seminar Kit, there's one thing you can count on.  It will absolutely drive new customers and clients to your business.  It's that effective. Period.


Today, webinars, live streams, Zoom sessions and other digital platforms have become the "norm" for literally billions of consumers.


So, now, you can present locally with "live" events as well as using this exact same presentation to reach the entire world!  Talk about REACH!


Product Launches and Upsells

Sure, seminars and webinars will absolutely drive traffic to your programs and services.  But, they do even more than that. 


With proper promotion, seminars and webinars are the ideal vehicle to introduce new products or up-sell into existing products such as fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, healthy recipe books and even fitness apparel.  There's really no limit. 

Lead Generation

Marketing-savvy entrepreneurs also know that even if they don't close sales at the end of the webinar, they have captured new leads. Maybe even thousands of new leads!


And, of course, these leads are entered into an automated marketing funnel that "touches" the client at scheduled intervals in anticipation that the recipient will eventually convert to a sale.

Accelerate Your Professional Development


O.K., if you've read this far, then I know I've at least piqued your interest.


As a reward for spending so much time on this page, I'm going to share with you a "secret" known among all the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries.


Here it is:


The ability to plan, promote and present your ideas to a group is a TRANSFERABLE SKILL! 


It's one of the most valuable assets you'll ever develop to elevate your professional career -- even if you change careers!

Whether you're attempting to convince people to enroll in your weight-management program - or pitching venture capitalists to invest a few million dollars in your big idea --  it's still the same set of skills:









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