Did you know that the most successful people in the world, including Warren Buffet,Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs, at some point learned how to public speak?


They had to do it in order to get their ideas across to masses of people.  And, here's what you have in common with those three examples. 


They spoke from their hearts.  With passion.  With enthusiasm.


And, I know, personally, that no one stays in the fitness business for more than two years without having that passion, enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to help others achieve their health and lifestyle goals.




But, public speaking does more than motivate people.  It's also the #1 way to attract new clients and members.   Here's how:


  • Public speaking with professional presentation visuals can improve your sales by allowing you to connect with the audience rather than simply making a sales pitch.


  • Public speaking will allow your audience to “feel” that they can relate to you.


  • Public speaking breeds trust and credibility resulting in more people willing to retain your services and products.


  • Public speaking allows you to define the value-proposition of what you have to offer to consumers, corporate executives and employees.


  • Public speaking allows you to create an open dialogue with your audience and allows people to ask you questions and discuss their thoughts.


  • At the end of your presentation makes it possible to hold a public two-way conversation -- like FaceBook -- instead of a blatant sales pitch.


  • Public speaking is the #1 way for Health & Fitness entrepreneurs to attract new members and clients resulting in “volume sales” of their products and services.


Get Ready to Inspire!


My goal is to offer YOU the tools to successfully educate consumers interested in long-term health, weight-management and positive lifestyle goals.


Part of the mission is to offer the packaging and promotion that has proven successful for more than 20 years. To that end, the "Finally, the Truth About Weight-Management" seminar is a first step.